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Novel Novel

Had an idea several years ago for repurposing old books. You cut the pages away from the spine and add elastic cords on a new spine board. You them can hook the cards people give you into the cords making a new book filled with card memories. My family loves to give beautiful cards for […]

Two worlds intersecting

I’ve always loved the abandoned feeling of Waco. Today the kiddo and I had a mini-adventure and improv photo shoot. Surprisingly,  I think he had more fun than I did. (The tears are fake in the one pic.)


I have been working on a short script for the past two years. It is based off of a concept I had ten years ago about an elderly couple who are suffering from dementia. They wake up one morning and decide to get in their car and drive away into the sunset. I picked that […]

This ship has taken me far away

Maybe it is a little bit trite but never got sick of the Muse song, “Starlight”.  There is a visual that I always see when I hear this song. A few weeks ago I just did this simple sketch of the little tattered boat, surrounded by dark sky and water on all sides, optimistically sailing […]

Mural Ideas

I often fantasize about painting large murals around Austin. Here are a few napkin sketches that I did a month or two ago while waiting for a movie to start. The first one is based off of a drawing I did about ten years ago. It is supposed to be the view from the corner […]

Amber is the warmest color

This will be the 5th or 6th batch of amber mosquitos that I have made and am selling in my Etsy store, DinoDNA. The first ones I made were practices for a birthday present for one of my dearest friends who loves Jurassic Park. I am really proud of how quickly they started to look […]