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The Oldest Person Alive

I’ve often thought it would be cool to make a short documentary that followed a series of the oldest people alive on the planet. It would start with the family of some 115+ year old getting the call that so-and-so the last oldest person alive had died. So now their great-great-grandmother/father was officially the oldest […]

Prescription Jewelry

I was looking at those empty gelatin capsules at Whole Foods a while back and thought if they were filled with glitter, sprinkles or other random pretties and used as beads they would make fabulous bib necklaces. Over the last few weeks I have been tinkering with them and here are my first prototypes. I […]

TBT – Octopus’ Garden

Happy Throw-Back-Thursday! Occasionally on TBT I will post some of my greatest hits from over the years. I can’t think of a better way to inaugurate TBT than with the Octopus’ Garden 360 mural I did for my son’s room two years ago. I’ve gone back and done a little more finishing since then but […]