The Oldest Person Alive

I’ve often thought it would be cool to make a short documentary that followed a series of the oldest people alive on the planet.

It would start with the family of some 115+ year old getting the call that so-and-so the last oldest person alive had died. So now their great-great-grandmother/father was officially the oldest person in the world. Then it would just follow them until they too died and move on to the next person. Some might be active, up and about, others might already be on the way out themselves. It wouldn’t really need to do much other than profile the day-to-day existence of each person. It should be very slowly paced and sublime.

We wouldn’t spend more than a few minutes with any one oldest-person, so if the short was 30 minutes we might have 5-7 people profiled. The volume of “oldest people” and the juxtaposition of their lives would be the point of the piece. Traveling from the world of one person, their death, and then the next. How they are radically different from each other (language, country, health, state of mind) and how they are exactly the same.

Given we would be profiling many oldest people, time might be very compressed and this may take quite a while to shoot as any given oldest person might take years to relinquish their title.


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