The Oldest Person Alive

I’ve often thought it would be cool to make a short documentary that followed a series of the oldest people alive on the planet.

It would start with the family of some 115+ year old getting the call that so-and-so the last oldest person alive had died. So now their great-great-grandmother/father was officially the oldest person in the world. Then it would just follow them until they too died and move on to the next person. Some might be active, up and about, others might already be on the way out themselves. It wouldn’t really need to do much other than profile the day-to-day existence of each person. It should be very slowly paced and sublime.

We wouldn’t spend more than a few minutes with any one oldest-person, so if the short was 30 minutes we might have 5-7 people profiled. The volume of “oldest people” and the juxtaposition of their lives would be the point of the piece. Traveling from the world of one person, their death, and then the next. How they are radically different from each other (language, country, health, state of mind) and how they are exactly the same.

Given we would be profiling many oldest people, time might be very compressed and this may take quite a while to shoot as any given oldest person might take years to relinquish their title.


Prescription Jewelry

I was looking at those empty gelatin capsules at Whole Foods a while back and thought if they were filled with glitter, sprinkles or other random pretties and used as beads they would make fabulous bib necklaces. Over the last few weeks I have been tinkering with them and here are my first prototypes.

I wore one out into the world last week to get a little product research and although the sample was biased to
people I talk to or walk by on any random day, I was happy to find them it to be wildly popular and a great conversation starter.

They are very laborious to make but my new goal is to do a high end photo shoot with several samples, assemble 30-40 of them and do a huge Etsy roll-out over the summer.




TBT – Octopus’ Garden

Happy Throw-Back-Thursday!

Occasionally on TBT I will post some of my greatest hits from over the years. I can’t think of a better way to inaugurate TBT than with the Octopus’ Garden 360 mural I did for my son’s room two years ago. I’ve gone back and done a little more finishing since then but I don’t have the energy to move all of the kid junk to to get more unobstructed pictures so these will have to do!

The mural was inspired by the Beatles’ song of the same name which was one of my favorites to sing to my son when he was a baby.

People just don’t appreciate Ringo enough.

IMG_7217 IMG_7218 IMG_7223 IMG_7225 IMG_7228

Novel Novel

Had an idea several years ago for repurposing old books. You cut the pages away from the spine and add elastic cords on a new spine board.

You them can hook the cards people give you into the cords making a new book filled with card memories. My family loves to give beautiful cards for holidays so this is a great way to keep them without throwing them into a box or framing them where you can’t see the inside.

A novel novel.


Two worlds intersecting

I’ve always loved the abandoned feeling of Waco. Today the kiddo and I had a mini-adventure and improv photo shoot. Surprisingly,  I think he had more fun than I did.

(The tears are fake in the one pic.)

image-9 image-1 image-2 image-3 image-4 image-5 image-6 image-7 image-8


I have been working on a short script for the past two years. It is based off of a concept I had ten years ago about an elderly couple who are suffering from dementia. They wake up one morning and decide to get in their car and drive away into the sunset. I picked that basic idea up again about two years ago and evolved it into the script below.

This is one of my favorite projects that I am working on right now and I’d really love to shoot it. The only problem is that although I believe it is a great short film it isn’t your typical “small” film. I estimate to shoot it the way I want to I’d need upwards of $30k to do it right. So if you or anyone you know is looking to be a patron of the arts I promise I will spend it.

Here is the most up to date script as of today: You

This ship has taken me far away

Maybe it is a little bit trite but never got sick of the Muse song, “Starlight”.  There is a visual that I always see when I hear this song. A few weeks ago I just did this simple sketch of the little tattered boat, surrounded by dark sky and water on all sides, optimistically sailing with the sun broken through the clouds, down on it.  


Mural Ideas

I often fantasize about painting large murals around Austin. Here are a few napkin sketches that I did a month or two ago while waiting for a movie to start.

The first one is based off of a drawing I did about ten years ago. It is supposed to be the view from the corner of a cardboard box, looking up at the open sky above, where the perspective is almost as though it is through a fish eye lens. The viewer is minuscule by comparison but there is hope in the light coming in at the top. I think this would make an epic three or four story tall mural to really give the proper perspective.



The next sketch is inspired by one of my favorite quotes by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, “I love the recklessness of faith. First you leap, then you grow wings.”

In my mural there is just the latter part of the phrase. This one would be very horizontal and would play with perspectives and time. I would love to paint the entire backdrop first, then add the story with the little man over the course of maybe half a year. Each part of his story would be added in the dead of night once a month so you would see his story evolve over time.


The next is inspired by another quote that I love, “The highway leads to heaven, but each finds his own way.”

I came across this quote (also about ten years ago) while trying to find a good tag line for my student film. In this visual the radiant sun is ensercled with thousands of ropes, different colors, thickness and with a snarling of paths. Then in the foreground two arms holding tight to the only taught rope, which is pulling the body toward the sun.


And finally, I just really love the visual of Icarus falling to Earth, wrapped in a larger than life cape, seconds away from hitting the ground. I also think this has very cool potential to make an amazing sculpture. I’d love to see this as a sculpture where the cloth at some point hits the ground thereby really creating the illusion that Icarus is just about to hit.



Amber is the warmest color

This will be the 5th or 6th batch of amber mosquitos that I have made and am selling in my Etsy store, DinoDNA. The first ones I made were practices for a birthday present for one of my dearest friends who loves Jurassic Park. I am really proud of how quickly they started to look really great.

These are a few stones that I just cast. Next I will be adding chains to them.

Whenever I do a new cast of bugs I will make a few sample stones to keep. These are stones from all of my batches thus far.


I like the improvisation of mixing the colors every time and coming up with new combinations. I don’t like to be very scientific about it. To me the of all of the imperfections, color gradations, air bubbles, etc. make each creation totally unique and dynamic.